Linguistically, the word ‘aqeedah means: ‘to knot, bind, fasten tightly, fortify, consolidate and cement.’   

Technically, the word ‘aqeedah means, ‘a firm, unwavering  belief or conviction – which is not open to any doubt – in the mind and heart of  the one who holds this conviction.’ 

Therefore, the Islamic ‘Aqeedah (Creed) refers to a firm unwavering faith (Imaan) in the following:

1)      Allah, the Most High, and what is due to Him of the Tawheed in one’s belief, worship and obedience to Him,

2)      His Angels,

3)      His Scriptures,

4)      His Messengers,

5)      The Last Day,

6)      The Divine Decree (Qadr and Qadaa’): accepting its good and its evil, &

7)      What is confirmed from the remaining matters of the Unseen and reports concerning the previous nations.