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The aim of As-Siraat in delivering weekend courses is to encourage the seeking of ‘Ilm, to provide the building blocks and tools in order for us to utilize our resources. ‘Ilm cannot be gained in a day or two rather it takes time and hard work. Bi idhnillah

Aqeedah Wasitiyah part 1 – 17th February 2008, Swansea University Mosque

A B C D (A brief discussion of Al Wabil Al Sayyib by Ibnul Qayyim included)

  • Tafsir of Al-‘Adiyat to An-Nas by Brother Yunus ibn Mahmud

Date: 23rd – 24th August 2008. Venue: Wallace Lecture Theatre, Cardiff University, Cardiff.

Day 1:  01. Al Fatiha A 02. Al-Fatiha B 03. Al-Fatiha C 04. An-Nas 05. Al-Falaq 06. Al-Ikhlas 07. Al-Masad 08. An-Nasr

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2 Responses to “Courses & Events”

  1. KS Says:


    Jzk for these excellent talks would it be possible to get the mp3’s of the talks that are video’s?

    1. assiratdawah Says:

      wa ‘alaykum as salaam,

      We’re currently in the process of creating a new website. We hope to then make all our videos and audio easily accessible. As for now we won’t be able to add to the current gallery.

      Jazak’Allaahu khayr for your patience.

      wa salaam,

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